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Re: Teach Yourself SAP in 24 Hours Guide !

From: Ed Prochak <>
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2007 01:46:31 -0000
Message-ID: <>

On Aug 20, 11:09 am, "Shakespeare" <> wrote:
> "Ed Prochak" <> schreef in
> > On Aug 20, 8:16 am, seotutor <> wrote:
> >> >From the basics surrounding SAP, to implementation planning and system
> >> navigation, to creating your own SAP reports and using the many
> >> different SAP components that make up NetWeaver and mySAP business
> >> suite today, this Guide is ideal for people at all levels of
> >> education, experience, and familiarity with SAP.
> >>
> > This is off topic in this group. Please post elsewhere.
> > Posting an apology here will do much to repair your reputation.
> > Ed
> Ed, others,
> I checked this guy out and found out why he's posting rubbish like this. It
> seems to be a trick to get his site ranged high in search engines, and he
> seems to get payed per click on his site for he uses Google Ads. SEO =
> search engine optimization.
> So we can make him rich and make others poor by clicking his site,

Oh I didn't visit his site.
> ....or just
> ignore his posts in the future.

The reason I reply in the group is to inform new readers what a crappy ways to get customers this is.

> Guys like him make hundreds of dollars a
> month by posting this garbage. I know a guy who owns so many websites and
> servers, he's actually made a living of this. And on top of this, they sell
> their so called most successful sites (the ones that DON'T make enough money
> of course) to others like some pyramid scheme.

Could you give that guy a dopeslap for me? Thanks.

> So I don't think he'll apologize (nor even call Daniel by phone), he won't
> even read newsgroups.

yes but others do and they get the message that this is just not tolerated. I sent him an email too.

> Shakespeare

Hey thanks for pointing out he's posting from a google account. Time to send them an abuse report!

Have a good day.

   Ed Received on Mon Aug 20 2007 - 20:46:31 CDT

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