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Re: Crack Oracle SYSTEM Passwords like a peanut!

From: joel garry <>
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 16:48:37 -0700
Message-ID: <>

On Jul 31, 3:54 pm, Noons <> wrote:
> On Jul 31, 7:56 am, DA Morgan <> wrote:
> > Craig wrote:
> > > "DA Morgan" <> wrote in message
> > >> He is cracked. That's why Oracle fired him.
> > > Dan, just curious, how do you know "Oracle fired him" ?
> > Had a discussion with a Senior Director from a very large
> > software company at Open World in 2005. And lets just say
> > issues of his mental stability, or lack thereof, were part
> > of the discussion.
> On the other hand, that same "large software company"
> has adopted exactly that same line with a lot of other
> people it sees as "inconvenient". That sort of innuendo
> means exactly jack and you know that.
> > He currently lives in the country of Jordan, no doubt much
> > to the embarrassment of the Hashemite Kingdom, and appears
> > to support himself by stealing passwords.
> He's an absolute idiot and his interventions here
> prove it beyond any doubt. Let's leave the
> "corporate" nonsense out of this, shall we?

I was present at the discussion Dan refers to, in this case I don't think it was a smear, just a recitation of a series of unfortunate events. But I agree, in general such things are not something to be propagated. Dan isn't really giving any detail that couldn't be inferred from usenet postings, other than the firing from Oracle - and given some of the slander the idiot has spewed in the past about others, even if it weren't true, he could hardly complain. In general in the US, HR departments won't go beyond merely confirming someone worked somewhere, because they don't want the liability that would arise from either saying they were fired - employee sues - or not saying they were fired - next employer getting reference sues.

Of course, one is free to disbelieve either Dan or myself.


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