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Re: Oracle DBA Request

From: Ed Prochak <>
Date: 20 Sep 2006 10:33:24 -0700
Message-ID: <>

I need the best Oracle DBAs ever wrote:
> We also offer SPAM to the universe.
> Job
> Location: xxx (locals Preferred but not required)

> Work Status: H1, GreenCard or U.S.Citizens

we want foreign locals, that's why we list H1 visa first in the list

> Rate: Please Give your best ALL Inclusive 1099 or Corp to Corp Rate

If I have to give one ahead of time, I'll bid $500 per hour

> Title: Oracle Applications DBA with Shell Script, Data Tunning, Unix &
> Financial Experience

That's a job title???
What's your tatile? Recruiter with experience in spamming the wrong newsgroups?

> Bonus: HRMS Experience and Oracle Advanced Benefits OAB

Oh, so you'll train me on OAB on the job? cool! For that I'll drop the rate down to $450.

> ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************88
> Job

But wait there's more!

> Location: [] (Local candidates Only MA/NH/RI)

local includes a three state area. Oh but these are New England states, theiy are small.

> Duration: 4+ months contract ( Possible Extentions)

I don't need any hair extensions thank you. I like my hair just the way it is.

> Position: One

I'f heard of the lotus position, but not the One position.

> Interview: ASAP
> Start Date: (ASAP)
> Work Status: H1, GreenCard or U.S.Citizens

Again we prefer foriegn citizens over US citizens

> Rate: Please Give your best ALL Inclusive 1099 or Corp to Corp Rate

Normally I do not give my rate ion a first date.


> Business & Projects Skills:
> Good analytical and communications skills

How many companies look for candidates with poor analytical and communications skills?

> Company/Department Summary:
> This position reports to Our Client's Corporate Finance business unit,

which means, if the rate is too low, I should be able to embed a fraction saver bug, diverting trillions of those fractions of a cent to my swiss bank account. Know what? Let me pay you so I can work there.

> Job Description:

blah blah blah blah BLAH

> Thanks
> Richard M
> K&M spamtech
> "An SBA 8(a)& MBE Certified Insane Company

If you do read this Richard (or any other recruiter), then please remember:
job ads go in

Have a nice day.

   Ed Received on Wed Sep 20 2006 - 12:33:24 CDT

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