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Re: How to force two entities to point to the same lookup value

From: <>
Date: 19 Aug 2006 02:00:49 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Bob Badour wrote:

> >
> >
> >
> > You need to read up on that subject Bob.
> I am very well-read on that subject, Tom. I am also very well-read on
> the logical fallacy of
> Are you familiar with Date's _Principle of Incoherence_ ? ie: "It is
> very difficult to respond coherently to that which is incoherent."

then one might question your need to respond if you find it difficult?

> Relevant to this current discussion, it is hard to respond to the
> logical fallacy of "appeal to authority" without eliciting an accusation
> of "ad hominem". It hardly seems reasonable or valid to blame me for the
> quality of the material available for my reply.

Oh, it absolutely is not. All you need to do is point out to the poster that "hey, you know what you just did, you just used 'appeal to authority'. that does not an argument make"

It was not an accusation - it was a statement of fact. You state that I am a shill, therefore anything I have to say is therefore discredited. Your statements could be the examples on the wiki.

You seem to have done the incoherence bit yourself. You say the only way to respond to a logical fallacy is...... with a logical fallacy. No, don't present a sound argument, no, that won't do, you fight fire with fire.

> > If you had ever bothered to read my books or whatever, you would
> > understand that what I say is "hey, you paid a lot for your software -
> > be it sqlserver, db2, informix, or even oracle. It is foolish not to
> > use the tools you pay for".
> Please bear with the length of what follows. The length is an exemplar
> of Date's _Principle of Incoherence_ cited above.
> If the fee recurs (including forced upgrade fees), if purchase decisions
> are dependent on each other, if Oracle charges for expanded use, OR if
> use of a feature creates any expensive dependencies, what Tom Kyte says
> has no merit.

(the locator feature DM suggested is a for free feature of the for free version of Oracle on up)

> First, I wonder what sort of arrogance makes you suggest your own books
> are worth reading.

I never said that were, I merely pointed out that you used an ad hominem attack to discredit them out of hand, without having read them.  You are doing precisely what you are accusing everyone else of doing. Circular argument. Nuff said.

[much rambling about how you don't like software licenses snipped - forget for a moment that the people are paying the license and you propose not to use what they are paying for - and forgetting for a moment that the choice to subscribe or not is up to you - and forgetting for a moment that there is even a free version (call it kool-aid if you like)]

> P.S. Now that you have had the opportunity to come forward and present
> your position, I have to say the empirical evidence only confirms that
> bias does render what you write incoherent. Since life is short and
> since I don't have time to compose coherent replies to every effortless
> incorehent post, I am adding you to my killfile. Plonk!

haha, excellent. goal achieved. Have a nice day. But don't underestimate yourself - I've seen your other responses out and about - you do seem to have the time. Received on Sat Aug 19 2006 - 04:00:49 CDT

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