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Re: Using dual to simulate a table

From: Stan Brown <>
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2006 00:47:13 +0000 (UTC)
Message-ID: <eaeb6h$87e$>

In <44ca9719$0$4530$> "Robbert van der Hoorn" <> writes:

>"Stan Brown" <> wrote in message
>> In <> Sybrand Bakker
><> writes:
>> >On Fri, 28 Jul 2006 13:02:21 +0000 (UTC), Stan Brown <>
>> >wrote:
>> >>I have a really old piece of (binary only) code that makes a call like
>> >>"select tstamp from tstamp where tstamp = 123456". I've always
>maintained a
>> >>table with a continuous sequence of numbers for this app but I would
>> >>to be able to stop doing this.
>> >>
>> >>Isn't there a way I can create a view by the name tstamp that queries
>> >>or a sequence, somehow. The query always contains the desired answer.
>> >>
>> >>This is on version 7 BTW.
>> >Just of out curiosity, why do you stick to a version which predates
>> >the Neanderthaler?
>> >I would say it wouldn't matter what you do, because you are on your
>> >own anyway.
>> Well, basicly because I'm under the impression that the (equally old)
>> application that uses it probably can't connect to a newer version. I'd be
>> willing to be corrected on that. And also the app won't run on any HP-UX
>> version newer than 10.20, I suspect that limits my options on Oracl, no?
>> course _I could_ build a nice new (say) Linux Oracle abckend machine.
>> But management _really_ does not want to spend money on this system :-(
>> >But woe, when you loose your job, and have to catch up with Oracle 9i
>> >(soon to be replaced) or 10g.
>> Fortunately (in this context) Oracle s not my day job :-

>Night job then?

Not certain if it's a serious question, but ..

I actually do control systems for an industrial plant. Primarily the power control systems. Oracle is bu a small part of what I'm responsible for.

"They that would give up essential liberty for temporary safety deserve
neither liberty nor safety."
						-- Benjamin Franklin
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