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Re: Oracle Designer: Connect string

From: Jens Lenge <>
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2006 01:11:15 +0200
Message-ID: <e9h5ej$fnc$00$>

"Maxim Demenko" <> wrote:

> IMHO, you could safely ignore Sybrand's remark about German people.

Sorry if I over-reacted. I just don't like ignorance, and I even like it worse when combined with racism.

> It would be wise, however, if you not ignore his remarks about searching
> ( and , much more important, reading) the docs.

You're definitely right. (I am a newbie to Oracle, but I'm not new to usenet. I know that before posting a question, one should first see the docs then search Google or something.)
In this case, I have first looked into the manual that came with Designer, where they explain the username and password fields, but only refer to the connect string field saying "enter the connect string here". I then used Google for the Oracle Designer connect string, but only found some articles about how to avoid having to enter a connect string, but no explanation of the string itself. Then I posted my question here.

> You should not be surprised however, that people here will feel annoyed,
> if you try to compel somebody to do *your* job for free. (And reading
> documentation is definitely *everybody*'s own job).

Again you're perfectly right. However, if one single person starts offending others without any helpful contents and still ignores the facts after they have been named, he should not be surprised be get an appropriate answer. That's usenet. ;o)

I had replied to Sybrand's first post that I DID look into the manual before, but he just insisted to place some unsubstancial offenses.

> If i start at the high level entry for documentation -

Thank you very much for this link! I admit I did not know it and therefore did not search it before. I referred to the helpfiles and manual that came with Designer.

> If you still don't understand some things, you can always post here the
> quote from manuals ( trying to be as precise as possible ), most likely
> you'll get polite and comprehensive explanations.

Once again you're right. Just as I got a couple of truly helpful replies to this thread, like yours.

BTW: IMO even saying "RTFM" is perfectly okay and still helpful when put together with some explaning words and an appropriate link or something.

I hope I could clarify a bit.
Thanks again for your explanations and the tahiti link!

Jens Received on Mon Jul 17 2006 - 18:11:15 CDT

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