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Re: Oracle Designer: Connect string

From: Maxim Demenko <>
Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2006 13:41:12 +0200
Message-ID: <44b78456$0$26257$>

sybrandb schrieb:

> Jens Lenge wrote:

>> sybrandb wrote:
>>> There is no difference in connection to sql*plus as compared with
>>> Designer, all Oracle products connect in the same fashion.
>> I am quite used to Oracle SQL Developer ("Raptor").
>> It does not ask for a connect string, but host id, port, and SID.
>> As this actually is the required information, I guess the "connect
>> string" used by Designer must be composed of these parts.
>>> Could please start reading docs, instead of boring this forum to dead
>>> with your FAQS, for which you could easily find the answer, if you
>>> weren't so lazy?
>> I referred to the documentation and also asked Google but did not find
>> the composition syntax. If you had followed this thread you would have
>> noticed that I did also read the Network Blues blog I was directed to.
>> While the blog does confirm that the above data is relevant for
>> connecting to a remote database, it does not say how to compose the
>> connect string that Designer asks for, at least if I did not miss it.
>> Sorry if you feel bored. If my question is a FAQ, it would have been
>> enough to simply direct me to the URL of the FAQ of this group. If you
>> do not want to answer, you may feel free to ignore my post. But please
>> do not confuse being a newbie with laziness.
>> Jens
> It is quite clear you *ARE* lazy, as you request to be spoon-fed and
> don't want to search the docs.
> You don't NEED to composition syntax, and setting up tnsnames.ora is
> perfectly valid.
> I guess the German people still didn't change since World War II.

IMHO, you could safely ignore Sybrand's remark about German people. It would be wise, however, if you not ignore his remarks about searching ( and , much more important, reading) the docs. The Oracle Documentation is pretty comprehensive, well organized and has excellent search functionality. So, one can easily be suspictious about not finding in the documentation nothing about connect string . If i start at
the high level entry for documentation - - and enter in the search form "connect string" - i will come to the next page immediately, which says 416 matches across 95 books for 10gR2 ( you can choose the appropriate Oracle version ) and suggest to search further in that library. Accept suggestion and you get to the next page, which lists matches for different books. The most matched topics (except Error Messages) - 33 - has Net Services Administrator's Guide. That complies with the common sense as well - one will expect "connect string" to be network related.
You go there and among first matches see Chapter: 3 Connectivity Concepts. And here begins the part which is complementary to the documentation search - the reading of documentation. Unfortunately, you should do it yourself, probably more than one time, then you have not a couple of recipes but understanding, how it works. If you still don't understand some things, you can always post here the quote from manuals ( trying to be as precise as possible ), most likely you'll get polite and comprehensive explanations. You should not be surprised however, that people here will feel annoyed, if you try to compel somebody to do *your* job for free. ( And reading documentation is definitely *everybody*'s own job).

Best regards

Maxim Received on Fri Jul 14 2006 - 06:41:12 CDT

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