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Re: Oracle Designer: Connect string

From: sybrandb <>
Date: 14 Jul 2006 02:03:24 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Jens Lenge wrote:
> sybrandb wrote:
> > There is no difference in connection to sql*plus as compared with
> > Designer, all Oracle products connect in the same fashion.
> I am quite used to Oracle SQL Developer ("Raptor").
> It does not ask for a connect string, but host id, port, and SID.
> As this actually is the required information, I guess the "connect
> string" used by Designer must be composed of these parts.
> > Could please start reading docs, instead of boring this forum to dead
> > with your FAQS, for which you could easily find the answer, if you
> > weren't so lazy?
> I referred to the documentation and also asked Google but did not find
> the composition syntax. If you had followed this thread you would have
> noticed that I did also read the Network Blues blog I was directed to.
> While the blog does confirm that the above data is relevant for
> connecting to a remote database, it does not say how to compose the
> connect string that Designer asks for, at least if I did not miss it.
> Sorry if you feel bored. If my question is a FAQ, it would have been
> enough to simply direct me to the URL of the FAQ of this group. If you
> do not want to answer, you may feel free to ignore my post. But please
> do not confuse being a newbie with laziness.
> Jens

It is quite clear you *ARE* lazy, as you request to be spoon-fed and don't want to search the docs.
You don't NEED to composition syntax, and setting up tnsnames.ora is perfectly valid.

I guess the German people still didn't change since World War II.

Sybrand Bakker
Senior Oracle DBA
Received on Fri Jul 14 2006 - 04:03:24 CDT

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