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Re: dynamic sql - output actual string that includes all values from bind variables...

From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2006 16:11:52 -0800
Message-ID: <>

centurionoftheseed wrote:

> "This is the equivalent to walking into a pub, walking up to a
> stranger, and asking him to help you with your homework."
> I never heard of any of you before this post - I simply found a group
> and posted a question not knowing if anyone would answer. So, with all
> due respect (and I'm respecting you more with each post) - the logic
> and reasoning behind your analogy is seriously lacking. I didn't walk
> up to any of you - you stopped by after reading my question. I'm a bit
> a old fashioned, because I believe that if you show up (in any part of
> life) - represent yourself or don't bother to show up at all. When
> someone asks for my help - you'll get my best or you'll get nothing
> (and of course - taking time and technical constraints into
> consideration).

My analogy, for better or worse, is that c.d.o. is a pub. I come here after work, so does Sybrand, so do many others. This is our place. We don't own it but we are the regulars. Tom Kyte and Jonathan Lewis stop by from time-to-time to share their wisdom and daily people come here to ask us questions ... which horse to bet on in the third? Which scotch do you like? Whose going to win on American Idol. Can you help me solve this problem I am having with Oracle.

You came through the front door.
You sat down.
You inquired of a regular.
And you didn't like his answer.

You've no right to expect the person you talked to first to give you the answer you wanted. You've no right to set expectations on the answers given by othes. If, as you state later, you think you are dealing with mediocrity, then consider the fact that you came to us ... we didn't go to you.

You came to our door asking for guidance. We didn't knock on your door selling answers.

> That's the clear difference between us, because you think it's about
> your job, money, deliverables and who "owes" what to whom.

Not at all. Not my point in any way, shape, or form. If that was how I felt I'd be spending my time selling stock tips. Speaking of which UTS Energy (UTS.TO) is up 55.4% since the first of the year).

> With me it's about who I am, and I don't differentiate between my
> management and a total stranger. My best is my standard, and it gets
> better by striving for more (which includes having others challenge
> that standard and be willing to learn.

Your choice. Live by it. But do not try to obligate others to meet your expectations or anticipate a life of extreme disappointment.

> Mr. Bakker got exactly what he deserved, and if anything - he got off
> easy.

Actually he owed you nothing. He asked for nothing in return. Thus he deserved nothing. Your attitude is, quite frankly, both childish and rude.

Daniel A. Morgan
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Received on Mon Mar 06 2006 - 18:11:52 CST

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