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Re: Why is 9i pausing?

From: Jim Smith <>
Date: Sun, 7 Aug 2005 18:16:21 +0100
Message-ID: <>

In message <>, Tarby777 <> writes
>Hi all,
>I'm experiencing an intermittent performance problem reading and
>writing a 9i database from Sqlplus. I'm running Sqlplus on my laptop
>and the DB is on a Sun box in the same office. It seems that if my
>connection to the DB is inactive for a period of time, there is usually
>a really bad lag when next I try to read or write the DB. If I do a few
>things in quick succession, they all seem to execute reasonably
>quickly. Whether a period of inactivity forces Oracle to go through
>some sort of extended handshaking when activity picks up again, I don't
>know, but that's what it feels like to me.
>In my read tests, the data - once it starts to stream - comes back at a
>decent rate, but there's sometimes a delay of upto a minute before it
>starts to send. I got a similar result with write tests: I created 1000
>rows in next to no time but when I tried it a second time, there was a
>pause of about a minute before it started, then it created the 1000
>rows pretty quickly.
>FWIW the Sun box has 1.5GB memory, is serving a total of three 9i
>databases, and is inactive apart from the tests I'm doing. My database
>is running on default instance parameters (it was created as a "new
>database" in DBCA, and I just accepted all the defaults).
>I'm stuck! Any ideas what is causing the pause?

Is your laptop busy? It could be that sqlplus and the oracle stack is being swapped out on the laptop.

Try to reproduce the problem with a sqlplus session on the server.

Jim Smith
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