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Re: Forms 9/10 Without Application Server?

From: Frank van Bortel <>
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 16:03:56 +0100
Message-ID: <cnsv5t$tb1$>

Rich May wrote:
> Hi all, hope somebody can help me.
> We're looking to finally make a long overdue upgrade. At present
> we're still using Developer/2000 - Forms 4.5 in a client/server
> environment and now want to drag ourseleves into the 21st century.

Meaning? Leave the client server environment?

> However as I understand it in order to use Forms 9i or 10g we also
> need to run Application Server.

And then it is said Microsoft chokes users into using their technology...

> We've been paying Oracle lots of money over the years for support on
> our database and developer licenses but now find that in order to
> actually use the software we have to pay an extra 10,000 for AS. As
> a charity this is simply not going to happen. Is there therefore any
> way to run Forms 9i or 10g forms with AS?

Assuming you meant "withOUT AS", no, I know of no other configuration.

> For the record we have one dedicated Oracle server (running
> that we'll be using to do everything. Is it possible to use any of
> the basic web server tools that come with the database to run the
> forms?

Maybe you should rethink your strategy. I know, the obvious Forms knowledge is a strong point in following that direction; however, there is still the possibility to use Forms 6i (last Client/Server version).

If you have strong feelings about migrating away from client/server, and use web technology instead, there's a choice of vendors on the positive side (Java, HTML, web services), but learning curve, or hiring costs on the down side.

Obviously, there are more things to consider, but the choice is yours.

Oh, maybe a point of consideration: Forms 6i runs C/S as well as web, so it might be a nice training, or trial-and-error platform.


Frank van Bortel
Received on Tue Nov 23 2004 - 09:03:56 CST

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