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Re: Oralce newbe

From: HansF <>
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2004 03:50:38 GMT
Message-ID: <iwfld.149329$df2.109398@edtnps89>

Malcolm Dew-Jones wrote:

> Someone wrote:
> : >
> : > My major issue with the Oracle system is that my workstations will
> : > always display current active files.
> For my own understanding, without buying and digging through the
> recommended book since i'm not about to need this today or tomorrow, would
> the following be a) a possible approrach, or b) a stupid way to do this?
> for "real time" updates on to a central "console" like screen
> being monitored by a person, do the following
> add a trigger to a few appropriate application tables. When
> certain columns or rows are added or modified, then the trigger
> sends a message to what ever procedure is used to provide the
> console monitoring facility (or more likely add the message to
> some kind of messaging queue).
> Is this sensible or stupid? I'm not sure how to send such a message, but
> I assume that the Java facilities probably provide something that could be
> used, or there might be a DBMS_xxx package that supports this.
> ($0.02) in the debit column

Not stupid. The package you are looking for is DBMS_AQ. Read the Application Developer's Guide - Advanced Queueing.

There are a lot of other possibilities here. Two (included with all editions of Oracle at no added extra charge) that can be used to initiate messages:

The triggering event could then use Oracle's Advanced Queueing which interfaces to most any queue mechanism - JMS, MSMQ, IBM MQSeries, etc., Oracle Streams, external procedures to call a .dll or a .so), or Java listener as demonstrated by the Oracle Workflow system. (These are all also at no added charge.)

My point, however - get up to Oracle9i or 10g to use these effectively. The Oracle8 described by OP is not a good idea ... OP will end up spending a lot of money trying to accomplish something that is automatic and supported in the later versions.

/Hans Received on Fri Nov 12 2004 - 21:50:38 CST

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