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Re: Oralce newbe

From: HansF <>
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 16:14:40 GMT
Message-ID: <Qj5ld.148788$df2.103949@edtnps89>

Steve Lenaghan wrote:

> Ok
> I went to the Oracle site and downloaded the 10 product. Unless I read
> the information wrong I have a fully functional copy, just that I have
> to use it for application development only. Is there a license
> limitation?


ORacle's downloads are not limited in any way. They are the same product as found on the CDs in the actual distribution. However, Oracle down not provide any additional patches.

One way to interpret this - Oracle does not charge for the software. They charge for the right to use it in production (eg: share your cost savings or revenue) BUT they reserve the right to collect money for enhancements.

> I'm pleading ignorance here, but presently I have a Netware 4.11 system
> that is being replaced with the 5.x version. (budget reasons I don't go
> 6 yet). Will I require a separate server to have the Novell/SuSE Linux
> platform you recommend? As it is I have two servers, one the 4.11 on a
> Intel server and the call program runs off a 486 and Netware Lite. Don't
> laugh!. Everything is going to the NW5 server but some things can't be
> interrupted and the Call Center stays while we figure how to to convert
> it from peer to peer to a real server. The programer had no vision when
> he wrote it.
> My major issue with the Oracle system is that my workstations will
> always display current active files. The projected use is moving tow
> truck dispatch (3 companies) off the Call Center program and getting our
> taxi dispatch (2 companies) into a paperless environment. I eventually
> hope to have the system flag duplicate calls made to each group and to
> flag trouble addresses. That is 'a simple matter of programming' an
> application issue.

Your issues arise entirely from the related application and they can be adjusted by any programmer competent in the OS and in Oracle API.

You really need to understand that the Oracle database is simply a very enhanced and reliabl data repository. The database can reside anywhere, and on any platform, that is accessible to your network. (Oracle even provides protocol convertersthat will help jump across different networking stacks.)

For further discussion, you want to cleanly separate the database from the application - and realize that the operating system of either is totally independant of the other. Then you will undertsand that using Novell's Linux is actually a benefit in your environment.

I strongly encourage purchasing O'Reilly's book "Oracle Essentials" so that you get an understanding of the environment. The ow price is quickly returned by the savings found in the first interview with any programmer. Check

> The workstations are XP Pro and are also used for an intranet street
> guide and online road and weather conditions. GPS tracking is a future
> project.

That is not an issue.

Note that Oracle does have extremely good support for GPS and location tracking - in Oracle8i (8.1) and up.

Feel free to contact me directly (I post with a live email). If I can't help directly, I might be able to recommend Novell or Oracle contacts.

/Hans Received on Fri Nov 12 2004 - 10:14:40 CST

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