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Re: data integrity check?

From: Craig Warman <>
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 22:10:25 -0500
Message-ID: <>

Socks - What you're talking about is sometimes called a "two-phase commit". Essentially, this is a situation where data is first sent from one database to another, an acknowledgement of data receipt and validation is returned (with what's known as a "promise to commit"), which is then followed by a request to commit, and acknowledgement of the actual commit. This technology has existed since at least Oracle 7 when you're dealing with Oracle-to-Oracle transactions; if you're going to other databases then two-phase commits can be supported through the use of Oracle's Transparent Gateways (though you may need to do some custom implementation work as well).

Inherent in that process would be transmission verifications (did what was sent actually arrive intact?) and, of course, data integrity validations (does it pass all of the recipient's edit checks?) A non platform-specific overview of the process may be found at:

You might consider looking at some of the Oracle Transparent Gateway technology that I mentioned above. More information is available here:


On 11/11/04 12:02 PM, in article, "" <> wrote:

> The situation:
> My Oracle database gets data from other Oracle databases.
> At present, this is done through an ODBC connection run
> by a VB prog. But this may change, possibly to a DBLINK,
> or possibly something else. (In passing, any advice on
> how to do that would be gladly accepted.)
> The IT powers-that-be in this place have passed on a decree.
> All data transfers between databases shall include an integrity
> check of the data. By which they seem to mean that some process
> shall exist that does some kind of check that the data at the
> other end is the same as the data that gets through. They seem
> to be worried about corruption in the data transmissions.
> I'm thinking some kind of equivalent of a CRC or some such
> thing. Is there any such thing built in to any standard data
> fetch from one Oracle db to another? Or will I need to roll
> my own?
> Socks
Received on Thu Nov 11 2004 - 21:10:25 CST

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