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Re: Which to download?

From: HansF <>
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 13:08:24 GMT
Message-ID: <cvJkd.138281$df2.6410@edtnps89>

Alan wrote:

> As I am a newbie to Oracle would like to know besides the 10g database
> server, what other I need to download to look at the Oracle 10g ?
> How about the something like Form 2000 or Designer 2000 ?

Depends entirely on what you mean by 'look at'. Looking primarily at the Oracle-supplied things (which are al described in more detail at

SQLPlus is a powerful access tool that many people disdain because it's 'only command line'. Yet it' built int report layout capabilities will satisfy a very large chunk of report requirements - assuming fixed pitch character spacing. Included with the database ...

Oracle's Enterprise Manager provides a number of utilities that help you look at the database from a monitoring and management perspective. There are a few things available in OEM that also help access and review the data itself. IMO it's no longer an option and DBAs and Developers must get to know this tool if they want to interact with the db (except data) in any intelligent way. Included with the database ...

Oracle's HTMLDB is a web interface built that can be loaded directly into the database to provide an Access-like interaction - develop tables, extract & manage data, etc. Can be considered a bit simplistic, but it's at the level many (most?) users want. Included with the database ...

Oracle's JDeveloper is the new design and development environment and includes a whole collection of components to make life easier for developers, such as UML modelling, wizards, quick start templates, database table access and pl/sql editor/debugger. Separate product but bundled in Developer Suite & Application Server as well ...

Developer Suite is the replacement for Oracle Forms & Forms/2000, Oracle Reports, Oracle Designer [CASE], Oracle Developer, Developer/2000. Has many, many capabilities (possibly too many) and is seriously mis-understood by everyone (including Oracle). People tend to specialize in one miniscule are of it and then compare that area alone to the competition ... in each area it tends to be 'second best' but it's _the_ 'all-around' collection. Takes a lot of resources on the developer's environment so it's probably best to keep the database server and the dev suite on separate boxes. To get a glimpse of what it accomplishes, go to It's a separate 'product' ...

Then there is the plethora of non-Oracle tools and utilities which I ignore.

/Hans Received on Thu Nov 11 2004 - 07:08:24 CST

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