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Re: Oralce newbe

From: HansF <>
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 16:11:13 GMT
Message-ID: <B4rkd.141825$9b.45257@edtnps84>

Steve Lenaghan wrote:

> I recently purchased Netware 5 which came with Oracle 8. I have no
> experience with this product.

I assume you mean Oracle8, and not Oracle8i. The former has version numbers 8.0.x and the latter uses 8.1.x (and clearly show an 'i' on the packaging).

Just as a heads-up: You might want to review your purchase decision, as that version of Oracle has long been unsupported. The newer versions are much more reliable, faster, more secure, etc. (but not necessarily available on Netware). A better choice today, still staying with Novell but getting a supported release of Oracle, is SuSE Linux.

> 1- Where can I find on line manuals? - to get at version 8.0 documentation, go to the obsolete documents section at the bottom when you see version choices.

Strong recommendation is to plan on spending a lot of time up front reading the COncepts manual, otherwise the other manuals are totally overwhelming.

> 2- I need a database to display real time on multiple terminals for a
> dispatch situation without manual refreshing.

Mild change in thought process suggested ... a database does not display anything. It just stores and delivers data on demand.

What you want is an application that will interact with your database and your terminals to extract and display updated information on a periodic basis. This can be done with any number of development tools as a front-end.

However (esp. since Oracle works in a networked environment delivering data to a 'client-server' client or a 'mid-tier' client) you will need to make some decisions about the operating system at the display terminals. Netware may be an option but it is not implicit in your requirements above.

If you went for Oracle10g instead of Oracle8, the HTMLDB capability to display on web browsers built into Oracle10g might be sufficient to satisfy your needs. Otherwise you need to pick your poison - Java, C, .NyET, etc.

/Hans Received on Wed Nov 10 2004 - 10:11:13 CST

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