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Re: 10g Enterprise Manager

From: Howard J. Rogers <>
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 05:36:00 +1000
Message-Id: <41741b1f$0$10350$>

Robert wrote:

> "Howard J. Rogers"

>> I see dozens of messages along these lines. Anyone installing onto a
>> laptop is clearly doing so for learning/research purposes.
>> In which case, do it properly: run Oracle inside a virtual machine,
>> preferably running White Box Linux, so that you are learning a
>> properly certified, adult operating system and Oracle combination.
>> It's sandboxed, so the vagaries of your physical platform are hidden
>> from Oracle, and all it requires is sufficient RAM (512MB minimum). In
>> your specific case, VMware would have taken care of the
>> connected/disconnected issue.
>> You can of course just take Daniel's advice to poke around in
>> sqlnet.ora. But if you actually want to learn Oracle properly, you
>> will investigate VMware, White Box Linux, and insulate yourself from
>> these sorts of issues in the future.
>> Regards
>> HJR
> Excellent suggestions,  thanks Howard.
> Now "White Box Linux" is totally NEW to me.  Never heard of it.

There is a worked paper on its use specifically inside a virtual machine at (see the Virtual Oracle paper under DBA Tips - Other). It leads on to instructions for doing a 9i or 10g installation.

> Q:
> 1) I am assuming it's not 10g cerified.

It's an interesting point. It is of course certified in the sense that White Box is nothing more than a free clone of Red Hat Enterprise Server 3. But it *isn't* RHES3, so no, it's not actually certified.

> but people have been installing 
> Oracle on it
> with no problem like we been doing with the better-known distro like RH
> and SuSE ?

You're joking, right? Red Hat 8 and 9 installations were never trouble-free! LD_ASSUME_KERNEL, edit INSO_LINK, etc etc etc.

I've given up documenting Oracle onto any non-certified Linux platform because they always have issues. So of course do certified platforms (have you seen how many Metalink patches you must acquire before even starting a 9i Release 2 on RHES3 installation?!) -but at least Oracle publishes the issues and workarounds.

But whatever. I again come back to the essential point: White Box Linux is not a 'lesser known' distro. It *is* Red Hat Enterprise Server 3. Take all of Red Hat's source RPMs and compile them, taking the opportunity to remove any proprietary Red Hat logos, artwork and notices: that's all White Box is.

> 2) Do you have a White Box Linux installation/setup doc like you the one > you did before on i think RH ?

Already answered. Yes, in short.

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