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Re: See the good, the bad, and the ugly of your Oracle data with OneClickRevelation(tm)

From: Frank Foss <>
Date: Fri, 01 Oct 2004 13:19:09 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Oh, boy....
You're asking for it now.
<Asbestos suit on>

Damodar Periwal wrote:
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> Software Tree Revs Up JDX OR-Mapper
> With Innovative And High-Performance Features
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> Software Tree has announced JDX 4.5, the versatile and patented
> Object-Relational Mapping (OR-Mapping) software that significantly
> accelerates the development of Java/J2EE applications by eliminating
> tedious, low-level SQL coding for persistence. The novel feature of
> OneClickRevelation(tm) provides instant and interactive insight into
> existing data residing in relational sources including Oracle, DB2,
> and SQL Server. Object caching provides super-fast access to business
> objects from high-performance memory cache, thereby avoiding costly
> database trips. A third-party clustered cache like Tangosol Coherence
> can optionally back the object cache.
> The new OneClickRevelation feature of JDXStudio(tm) GUI tool unlocks
> and presents relational data in an intuitive graphical format with
> just one click of a button. This innovative method enables application
> developers to quickly and easily view and analyze their data, offering
> them fresh insights and approaches to harness the power of the data
> without requiring a single line of programming.
> Object caching improves query performance significantly. By finding
> objects in the local memory cache, this feature avoids time-consuming
> trips to the database, resulting in fast response time as well as
> better throughput. Support for third-party clustered cache (e.g.,
> Coherence from Tangosol) further improves the effectiveness of the JDX
> cache in a clustered environment.
> Press Release:
> JDX Highlights:
> Please visit for a free evaluation
> download of JDX 4.5.
> Best regards,
> -- Damodar Periwal
> ============================
> Software Tree, Inc.
> Simplify Data Integration
Received on Fri Oct 01 2004 - 15:19:09 CDT

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