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Re: Oracle 8.0.6 on Windows 2003

From: Michael D. Long <>
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 22:03:19 -0400
Message-ID: <>

I can confirm from first hand experience that you don't even want to try to get 8.0.6 running on any Windows version newer than NT 4. When Windows 2000 was first released I was working with a client that wanted to deploy on it instead of NT 4 as originally planned, and also planned to upgrade to Oracle 8.0.5 from 7.3.4 at about that time. They insisted we test against 8.0.5, so rather than mess up our primary Oracle development platform I tried installing 8.0.5 on Win2K. Big mistake. After 2 weeks of working with Oracle Support (a great team, BTW) we threw in the towel.

Michael D. Long

"Karen Middleton" <> wrote in message

>I need to install Oracle 806 on Windows 2003 for a legacy application
> that works only with Oracle 806 it is not certified for Oracle 816 or
> Oracle 9x or Oracle 10g.
> Can any of you please confirm whether Oracle 806 runs on Windows 2003.
> I managed to install Oracle 806 on Windows 2003 and it as been
> behaving miserably I cannot start some of the utilities like the TNS
> utilities I managed to uninstall most of it from Ora installer but not
> all of it before uninstalling I tried using Oradim80 to delete the
> Oracle instance created it just did not work.
> Please clarify where I am going wrong.
> Also, how do I clean up a messed Oracle install. The ora installer as
> removed some components and refuses to remain the remaining quite a
> few TNS listener and Oracle instance Windows Services is still
> remaining lingering. Is there any other tool apart from the
> Orainstaller that can cleanup an messed Oracle install. Is there a
> cleanup tool to forcefully cleanly remove an Oracle install.
> Thanks
> Karen
Received on Tue Sep 14 2004 - 21:03:19 CDT

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