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Re: OMLETv4 The Ultimate Visual Real Time Oracle Monitoring Tool

From: Hans Forbrich <>
Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2004 04:36:02 GMT
Message-ID: <S27Dc.18660$HS3.4729@edtnps84> wrote:

> omlet v4) wrote in message Dear DBA,
> You are cordially invited to test and review our windows native and
> 100% pure Java Oracle 9i/8i Monitoring Application (OMLET). OMLET is
> the Ultimate Visual Real Time Oracle Monitoring Tool. As the
> leading expert in your field, your opinion is highly valued and your
> feedback is very appreciated. We would like to encourage you to distribute
> copies of OMLET to your associates and fellow DBAs. Omlet can be
> downloaded from:
> or any of many mirrors worldwide:
> Thank you for your time and participation.
> Cheers,
> Amjad Daoud, OCP
> The OMLET Team Lead
> Tera Knowledge Systems, Inc.

Just curious - in your words, what is in this 'complete monitoring package' that is not in Oracle Enterprise Manager?

My assumption here is that I want a background monitor tool that will advise me (mail/page) when I need to take action, not something pretty to watch. Based on what I saw from your site, the documentation I'd seen, and the screen shots, the value-add simply does not jump out to me.

Further assumption is that I have gotten over the need to manage by ratio - which, with your expertise, you know has not been core tuning technology since Oracle 7.

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An aside, related to social dynamics: I find it very irritating to see any cross, or multi-posts. I interpret that as a sign that the poster either is immature in the use of internet newsgroups, or does not respect me and my resources. My usual response to people who do not have any respect for me is to return the favor, generally by ignoring them. Since some cultures do not interact the same way mine does, I offer some indication how interaction could happen. Misquoting Heinlein - "courtesy is the only thing available to grease society - which normally does not work well at the best of times."

In light of this, and as a courtesy to others, I have removed cdo.server and from the response as this discussion is not relevant to those groups.
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/Hans Received on Fri Jun 25 2004 - 23:36:02 CDT

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