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URGENT HELP REQUIRED - long data types not being returned correctly

From: Edwinah63 <>
Date: 15 Jun 2004 20:52:57 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Hi everyone,

i am in desperate need here. we have recently moved to Oracle 9i - all is well except crystal reports - in certain cases!

i have report that pulls across text fields per medical case from a stored procedure in oracle.

typical fields are: patient number (varchar 10), patient name varchar(60), age (number), address (varchar 100), summary date (datetime),
medical summary (long).

stored proc parameters would be to print any medical summary written between date 1 and date 2.

the report is grouped on patient number, and forces a new page on change of patient number after the group footer.

my problem is

the entire report itself might be 100 + pages, BUT, if individual patient reports exceed 3 pages, that patient's report is inexplicably cut off after the 3rd page. any patient report under 3 pages prints/previews fine.

what we have
server: Oracle 9i/Win 2k

client: CR Oracle 8 v3.6 (Merant Inc) drivers for from Business Objects, Net 8 client (version 8.17), vb6 client app, win2k. crystal reports built using CR 8.

the vb6 app calls the Crystal report which in turn calls the oracle stored proc via the merant drivers/Net 8.

i have checked the stored proc - all records for all patients are returning completely. i have checked through ms access and the long field is returning correctly so i know that the microsoft ODBC driver for oracle works fine. the vb6 app using ADO returns the long field data correctly.

i have tried CR versions 8 ~ 10 but all exhibit the same problem.

in version 10 i have tried changing the data sources (RDO, ADO, Oracle driver etc etc) all show that long data fields over a certain lenght are cut off.

i am convinced this is a packet or buffering issue. has anyone else observed this?

Does anyone have any idea?

what else can i check?

i am absolutely in need here as we run these medical reports 2 x daily for patients.


Edwinah63 Received on Tue Jun 15 2004 - 22:52:57 CDT

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