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Re: comments in-line

From: Daniel Morgan <>
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2004 21:28:26 -0700
Message-ID: <1087187321.718026@yasure>

Comments in-line.

Andreas Zimmermann wrote:
> hi daniel,
> first thx for your quick answer and also thx for your nice words about
> the prearrangements of my first posting ... ;)
> back to your inline comments, i have some additional notes or questions:
> 1. i logged on to db before trying to load the form into forms
> developer, it's the right db (which works with compiled forms
> application without any so far shown errors) and the user has, as
> mentioned, all rights that he should need (oracle dba, application dba,
> application user + some additional roles i gave him cause i thought
> exactly that would be one of the probs) ... so last thing is the
> instance that you considered to be not set up correctly - could you
> maybe please give me a hint what could be the instance's prob (so that
> i know at least the direction i have to search in) ?!

For every table and other object the form says it can't find ... log in with SQL*Plus and determine the owner and the granted privileges.

> 2. so far i think that the form i try to overwork is the main form of
> that application, but i will check in office tomorrow wether i'm wrong
> (and you're right) or not ... is there any hint or distinctive mark for
> such 'main forms' ?!

Look for red arrows in the lower left corner of the icons for windows, canvases, blocks, items, triggers, property classes, visual attribute groups, etc.

> 3. you talk of a hard-coded directory ... where could that be hard
> coded - in the form or (more likely as far as i understood you) the
> .pll itself ?!

In the .PLL.
> thx again for any help - i hope i'm not too annoying ...
> kind regards
> Andreas Zimmermann

Daniel Morgan
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Received on Sun Jun 13 2004 - 23:28:26 CDT

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