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Re: newbie oracle forms & .pll problem

From: Daniel Morgan <>
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2004 13:10:47 -0700
Message-ID: <1087157463.752765@yasure>

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Andreas Zimmermann wrote:
> hi all,
> first of all, i'm new to this newsgroup stuff, so if there is anything
> wrong in style, language or whatever - forgive me pls and help my
> anyways ... ;)
> i'm an intern doing oracle & network administration plus oracle forms &
> report development atm (i'm ocp dba and have experience in db
> development too but am a newbie to oracle forms & reports) - just to
> introduce myself.
> recurrencing to my prob, here is the setup i use in office ...
> laptop comp: x86 family 6 model 8 stepping 3 with 256 mb ram, OS: Win
> 2k vers. 5.00.2195, SP 2 including hotfixes
> oracle server:
> oracle forms:

Already you have done better than many that should know better.

> both on same machine for development
> i have to make some changes to a running custumer's form including a
> new menu item and a new form plus db changes & stuff - and here my
> problem starts:
> on form load existing .fmb into forms builder i get following msgs ...
> - a bunch of tables / views could not be find (ORA-00942)
> - a bunch of objects could not be opened (FRM-18108)
> - a file could not be opened (FRM-10043)

You are not logged onto the database,logged on as the wrong user, or logged onto an instance that is not set up correctly. Identify what is missing.

> when i try to run the form then, there are some toolbars missing and
> the positioning of the canvases is totally messed up - but the form
> itself compiles without errors. seems some triggers and canvases are
> missing (or invalid) ... :-/

My suspicion is that objects have been inherited into the form from a master form. You need to open the master up first.

> first i looked up oracle docs for error msgs, what obviously did not
> really help me (guess you know what i mean if you ever looked that up).
> then i checked db user and db itself for missing authorisations, errors
> and stuff ... db is ok (at least the published version of the
> aplication runs without any probs on it) and the user has all rights on
> db (including oracle dba as well as application dba).
> after examining that i found out that there is a .pll library attached
> to the form that is called 'reform.pll' so i figured that the initial
> probs come from it (look at error msgs at the end), might being
> corrupted or just in wrong path ... after recompiling it (converted it
> to text and back to binary after checking for obvious errors) and
> checking registry for path (forms60_path in windows registry is set to
> directory where it is located) i started the form again and it was
> still the same (also same on loading fmb again).
> now i tried to detach and re-attach that .pll to the form but i always
> got the following error msg:
> Attached Library Name
> C:\[path]\reform.pll
> contains a non-portable directory specification.
> Remove path ?
> Yes No
> no matter wether i remove it or not (tried out both) - the errors still
> occur ... i browsed through some msg-boards to find something about
> that, but didn't get anything but the path thingy i already checked
> (see above) ... it also does not work if i copy the mentioned pll into
> the directory where the form itself is located (that's where it is
> located in runtime environment - checked that out on phone with the
> customer).
> unfortunatley i'm the only one used to oracle on business ... none of
> the original developers is within reach and the customer wants the
> changes done - so i decided to post here and ask for help !
> does anyone have an idea what to do ?! thx in advance ...
> kind regards
> Andreas Zimmermann

Put the library in the directory that has been hard-coded in.

Daniel Morgan
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Received on Sun Jun 13 2004 - 15:10:47 CDT

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