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Re: PEAR DB 1.6.0 has been released

From: Nonsense <>
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 19:41:41 -0500
Message-ID: <ThS_b.2201$>

has been
typically identified
the world over as unsolicited
marketing messages of typically
commercial products of one form or
another, in email, and of course newsgroups. But announcements about open source projects with their latest release can hardly be called "SPAM" when it's an announcement to people that would most likely be interested in it. Of course people like you who don't know what it is shoot off your posts of poop and denounce a perfectly legitimate post. This is why you and others were properly defined as internet turds, clogging up the newsgroup with your poop, creating even more traffic than the original announcement. Instead of thanking the person that made the announcement we saw mans' inhumanity to man once again, the typical unimaginative poop coming in all upset about messages that offended you without thinking about how it might have been a benefit. You and a lot of people actually think you have a god-given right to have email and newsgroups. By
the way most of the newsgroups in this
thread have plenty of useless chat in
many of the threads having nothing
to do with anything other than
silly banter. Poop away with
more poop!

"Ed prochak" <> wrote in message
> Hmm. you seem to claim some knowledge about Newsgroups, and decry the
> ignorance of others. You claim groups are open yet you post with a
> dummy email address. But it is you that has no real understanding.
> Newsgroups are not CHAT ROOMS where any topic is allowed. The
> similarity to chat rooms is that newsgroups tend to have unique
> cultures. And if you know anything about newgroups, you know that you
> should read a group for a time to get an idea of what is appropriate
> and what ISN'T appropriate. These meta-topic discussions serve to show
> the culture of the group (often showing that it is not monolithic
> too!).
> News groups are named to at least SUGGEST their purpose. Hence there
> exists both a
> and a
> And topics seldom cross group boundaries. The advert that triggered
> this thread belongs in the marketplace group and at the very least is
> OFF TOPIC in the .misc group.
> Newsgroups have Charters that describe the topic area. So if you have
> any doubt, do a little homework and find out for yourself what belongs
> and doesn't belong in this group.
> Now a weed is just a flower that's in the wrong place
> and newsgroup SPAM is a posting in the wrong place.
> Some of us like to be neat, putting things in their proper place.
> You apparently prefer things to be sloppy.
> (Sloppy desks might be okay but not sloppy code or newsgroup
> postings.)
> If you wish to read about new products for ORACLE, then subscribe to
> the marketplace group. Then when the PEAR posting does appear there
> properly, we can both be happy.
> Ed
Received on Tue Feb 24 2004 - 18:41:41 CST

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