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Re: how to link Apache and Oracle?

From: Hans Forbrich <>
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 15:33:58 GMT
Message-ID: <GBLYb.29626$Hy3.21227@edtnps89>

Billy Verreynne wrote:
> wrote:

>>I would like to learn how to write simple web applications. I plan to
>>use Linux and Apache, for database I will naturally use Oracle . But I
>>don't know what is the easiest way to link Apache and Oracle. What's
>>the easiest thing to learn: PHP, or Perl, or JSP... or something
>>completely different? Someone mentioned Cold Fusion, I don't have it,
>>but if it is easy I guess I can get it and learn... What is your

> PL/SQL web cartridge. There are no cons. Unless you are looking for
> the complexity of something like a separate app tier, struggling with
> thin JDBC issues, writing JSP code that craps all over Oracle, etc.
> etc.
> Simply put.
> The cartridge is an Apache DSO (dynamic shared object aka DLL). It
> provides you with connectivity to an Oracle database, and the ability
> to directly run PL/SQL procedures in the database.
> That is it - there are no HTML pages required on the server. No
> special configs. Just the cartridge.
> On the PL/SQL side in the database, you use PL/SQL webdb packages to
> dynamically create HTML pages. Access cookies (which means you can
> create session states). Access query strings and data send via PUTs
> and POSTs.
> In this configuration, the Oracle database also serves as the
> application tier. Which is friggen neat - as this is very tightly
> coupled to your data in Oracle. And PL/SQL supports objects and
> classes. This app tier also have in-built job scheduling, messaging
> and events (AQ and pipes), web browser, e-mailer and a host of other
> neat stuff. With seamless integration with the rest of your data. Not
> too mention access to Oracle LDAP and other services.
> On the technical side - Oracle's shared server pooling is many times
> more mature and robust than that of JBOSS or any similar product. Some
> of the developers I have, had a problem with that statement - until I
> had them opening a 1000 JSP/JBOSS sessions against my little Oracle
> R&D database running on a Linux desktop with 256MB of RAM.
> What would take a Java programmer a week to develop in JSP, I'm sure I
> can do in a day or two using PL/SQL instead. Not that I'm that good -
> simply because It Is That Simple To Do.
> Instead of having to learn JSP, J2EE, PHP, Perl, ASP or whatever else,
> I only need to know PL/SQL (and of course HTML). Enabling me to focus
> my expertise and energies on a *single* language To Get The Job Done,
> develop Scaleable Code and most of all, code that Works Correctly
> Using Oracle.
> --
> Billy


Have any comments about Project Marvel? (Appears to be an upgrade to the original WebDB.)

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