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Re: Oracle - Dual Monitors

From: Billy Verreynne <>
Date: 18 Feb 2004 04:27:51 -0800
Message-ID: <> (Llawnroc) wrote i

> Hopefully someone can help mw with this one, it's starting to look
> like I won't find a fix!


Dual monitors work especially fine on WindowsXP (it solves the problem where you hardware insists on the PCI being the VGA boot device, while you want the faster AGP card to be your primary display device in Windows).

The Win32 API supports dual monitor devices and allows you to specify what device you want to use for displaying a window and so on. I have not yet run into any Win32 GDI problems with menus not working and the like using dual monitors... thus in your case I suspect that Oracle Forms has its head up its ass. A normal position for Oracle Forms IMO. ;-)

Simple example (not saying that Oracle Forms does this, but this type of approach could be the problem). The secondary display device is to the left of the primary one. Your GDI X and Y axis coverage now goes into negative values - i.e. the top left corner of the primary display is (0,0). The secondary display (on the left) thus falls into the negative (X,Y) range. Some software could have a problem with this. To solve - physically swap the two monitors around and then also reposition the display devices positions via the Display Control Panel Applet.

Or software can use physical GDI coordinates for detecting hotspots (not using the GDI mouse-over/mouse-click WM_ messages) - which also can cause problems due to the "unusual" GDI X,Y axis values returned which the app is not programmed to handle.

This btw is implemented differently on Linux. There the display is truly a *single* display over two physical devices (whereas Windows treats these as a distinct display device per physical monitor).

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