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Final CFV: Periodic FAQ Post

From: Hans Forbrich <>
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2004 22:38:17 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Section 1. Ballot:

1.[]YES NO: I agree that there should be a periodic post   describing the newsgroup charter and providing a FAQ on   newsgroup usage.

2.[]MONTHLY BI-WEEKLY WEEKLY: The post should be transmitted   with this frequency.

3.[]YES NO: I agree that the contents should be maintained and   posted by Mark Stock, with Hans Forbrich as backup.

4.[]YES NO: I agree that the initial contents should be as   shown in section 3 below.

5.[Voter Name]:

Additional comments to be included in the posted summary: [COMMENT: ]

Please remove everything below the above line (after reading the rules.)

Remember to send to - replies to the NG will be ignored. Use a verifiable email address.

The question number, followed by the response in square brackets, are required. All other information will be discarded.

Section 2. Rules:

This Call For Votes is to ensure respondents agree with the periodic posting of the Newsgroup charter and Usage Rules as described in section 3 below.

VOTING: All ballots must be received by 23:59:59 UTC on Jan 24, 2004. The email address will be disabled within 48 hours after this cutoff.

HOW TO VOTE: Follow these instructions *exactly*! Votes are counted by computer. You should send E-MAIL (posts to a newsgroup are invalid) to:

The subject line MUST end with

    CFV: Periodic FAQ Post

Note that a prefix, such as RE: is permitted.

Please do not assume that just replying to this message will work. Check the address before you mail your vote. Your mail message should contain the following:

If your mail software does not indicate your real name (for example, AOL does not), include _exactly_ the statement above on a _separate_ line and add your name after the colon. Having your name in your signature line is NOT enough! Do NOT join the lines together or remove the words "Voter name"!

You may also vote ABSTAIN (which records an empty vote) or CANCEL (which removes any earlier votes). ABSTAIN does not affect the final vote count in any way but is listed, whereas CANCEL is not. The CANCEL and ABSTAIN reflect your vote for that question only.

IMPORTANT VOTING PROCEDURE NOTES: Standard Guidelines for voting apply. One vote per person, one account per voter. Votes must be mailed directly from the voter to the votetaker. Anonymous, forwarded or proxy votes are not valid. Votes mailed by WWW/HTML/CGI forms are considered to be anonymous votes. Votes from non-existent email addresses are not valid.

Vote counting is automated. Failure to follow these directions may mean that your vote does not get counted. If you do not receive an acknowledgment of your vote within five days contact the votetaker about the problem. It's your responsibility to make sure your vote is registered correctly. Duplicate votes are resolved in favor of the most recent valid vote. Names and votes of all voters will be published in the final voting results post. **Addresses will NOT be published.**

The purpose of a Usenet vote is to determine the genuine interest of persons who would read a proposed newsgroup. Soliciting votes from disinterested parties defeats this purpose. Please do not distribute this CFV. If you must, direct people to the official CFV as posted to this newgroup. Distributing pre-marked or otherwise edited copies of this CFV is generally considered to be vote fraud. When in doubt, ask the votetaker.

QUESTIONS: Questions should be addressed to the same email address by should have a subject of

        QUESTION: Periodic FAQ Post

Questions after the vote taker address is disabled may be directed to

Section 3: Proposed post:

Subject: News group Charter and usage FAQ


Charter: is a news group where topics generally related to the use of software from Oracle Corporation may be posted. This group provides a forum for topics which do not fall within any of the more specific subgroups.

This news group is not intended as a marketplace where employment advertisements or commercial announcements may be posted. These should be directed to

For more information, refer to

Netiquette & Posting Guidelines Summary:

  1. Do your [own] homework
  2. Be explicit: Version, Error Code, etc.
  3. Be on topic, and don't cross post
  4. Give examples
  5. Use proper netiquette
  6. Avoid SPAM or commercial messages

Detailed explanation for each point follows:

  1. Do your [own] homework

The people who may respond to your questions or comments are volunteers (and many teach Oracle or computing technology). They are not required to respond. Some of the better ways to get a response are:

Some sources of information are listed at the bottom of this post.

2) Be explicit: Version, Error Code, etc.

There are numerous combinations of Oracle product, Oracle product version, operating system and version and third party product and version. The answer to your question may be totally dependent on the specific combination. Always indicate the operating system and version, the Oracle product and version and the actual error message including error code. Note that Oracle provides online lookup for all error codes and messages through

Consider using something like the following in your posts:

Operating System:  HP-UX 11.0, Windows2003 
Oracle product/s:  Database Oracle8i version
Access to DB via:  T.O.A.D. version 7.6

3) Be on topic, and don't cross post

Look at the charter for the news group and decide which group is best for your technical comment or question. Avoid cross posting as there are similar groups of volunteers in all subgroups. The posting of commercial message, messages intended to promote the sale of a product or service are expressly forbidden in this group. Please restrict commercial messages to

Note that questions about YOUR licensing options can not be answered in this public forum. Licensing is a contractual issue and relevant discussions must involve representatives from Oracle Corporation who are authorized to discuss such matters.

4) Give examples

Self-explanatory. We are not mind readers, so we do not necessarily know what you mean. Provide examples, cut and paste from the source, provide links, or use other techniques to describe the actual question.

5) Use proper netiquette

This is a public and unmoderated volunteer news group. Some recommendations for netiquette include:

Users are encouraged to follow Netiquette guidelines as described in Virginia Shea's online book 'Netiquette', online version available at

Some relevant links:

A comprehensive FAQ and center for Oracle-related links is at

Links to technical resources:

Links to books:

Oracle provides the following content on the internet. You are encouraged to review that content before posting, to avoid a 'Read the [Free] Manual' response.

General Oracle discussions:

Oracle product prices:

Oracle licensing:

Code examples:

Installation examples:

All Documentation, including error message lookup:

Discussion forums (chat rooms):

This post will be repeated on a weekly basis.

Feedback on this post can be directed to the news group or can be sent to the post maintainers at or mailto:???? with a subject line starting with 'Maint. (cdo.misc):' (Note: Email to these addresses that do not use the subject prefix will be automatically discarded.)

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