Three steps to SQL tuning

There are three main steps to the SQL tuning process:

  1. Isolate the problem to a single SQL

    You may be lucky and know already the exact SQL causing the problem. If so, move straight on to the second step. Otherwise, click on the link above for help on finding the problem SQL.

  2. Analyse the SQL to determine the nature of the problem

    Most performance problems are quite common and easy to fix. This section will describe some of these and how to spot them, and then go on to describe a more general analysis method.

  3. Fix it.

    Almost every performance problem has a solution; it's just that some are more complex than others. In order of increasing complexity and expense, such fixes include:

    No links are provided here for fixes. Every problem is different, and the fixes are a logical progression of the analysis. Follow the link for Step 2 above to determine the problem and see the recommended fix. If this does not work, consult a more experienced SQL Tuner, the System Architect, or the DBA.

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