Oracle Reports: Oracle Reports Certification Review

Oracle has long been setting the standard in database technology, and to stay competitive applications professionals need to have a current understanding of Oracle's newest improvements to Oracle Reports. With Oracle Reports Interview Questions even 10g issues are covered, so you will be current and competitive. Using this guide to prepare for a job interview or to brush up on the newest trends in Oracle will aid any applications programmer in acquiring new skills. This guide will explain many common issues with Oracle Reports and exporting to HTML, RTF, PDF, XML, and output formatting.

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Applied Oracle Security: Developing Secure Database and Middleware Environments

Cutting-edge techniques from leading Oracle security experts

This Oracle Press guide demonstrates practical applications of the most compelling methods for developing secure Oracle database and middleware environments. You will find full coverage of the latest and most popular Oracle products, including Oracle Database and Audit Vaults, Oracle Application Express, and secure Business Intelligence applications.

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To Become an Oracle DBA in Eighty Days

The book To Become an Oracle DBA in Eighty Days explains the concepts of oracle database using the stories from Jules Verne's novel Around the World in 80 Days: One Oracle Database Architecture Two Oracle Network Configuration 2.1. Client Request 2.2. Network Configuration Files 2.3. Listener Static and Dynamic Register 2.4. Listener Failover and Load Balance Three Database Grid Control 3.1. Grid Control Structure 3.2. Event and Notification 3.3. Scheduled Job Four Backup, Recovery and RMAN 4.1. System Change Number (SCN) 4.2. Online Backup 4.3. Recovery 4.4.

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Oracle DBA Exam Cram: Test 1 and Test 2: Exam: TEST 1 & TEST 2

Takes user through overviews, concepts, and terminology for all required topics in the popular, easy-to-understand Exam Cram format and for those who need more study, resource sections at the end of each chapter help the reader make use of the best study aids available. Includes sections on proven test-taking strategies, time-saving study tips, shortcuts, and practice exam questions arranged in a similar format to the ones encountered on the exam. Provides a special pull-out Cram Sheet with tips, acronyms, and memory joggers that readers can review just prior to taking the exams.

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Oracle SQL and Introductory PL/SQL

Introduction to SQL and PL/SQL is today's most hands-on and easy-to-understand resource for learning the increasingly important SQL and PL/SQL databases and preparing for the first Oracle certification exam. Two sample databases build on concepts taught in each chapter and allow readers to practice what they learn without having to suffer through a complex and potentially difficult design process.

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Creating a Highly Available Database Using Oracle: A Managerial Overview

With the increase of reliance on mission critical data driven applications, the need to ensure database connectivity in event of a variety of disaster scenarios is at the forefront of IT contingency planning. There are a number of failure points that can result in a database server becoming either unreachable or unusable. Deciding which database availability configuration involves analyzing business goals and budgetary constraints. Failure to consider database contingency options could result in an organization being unable to recovery from an outage.

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OCA: Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate Study Guide: (Exams1Z0-051 and 1Z0-052)

Candidates for the Oracle Certified Associate in Oracle Database 11g need to pass Exams 1Z0-051 and 1Z0-052 to achieve their certification—this guide prepares you for taking both those exams. This two-in-one study guide covers the Oracle Certified Associate certification for Oracle database 11g and reviews exam topics such as restricting and sorting data, using conversion functions and conditional expressions, displaying data from multiple tables, and exploring the Oracle database architecture.

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Oracle for Professionals - Covers Oracle 9i, 10g & 11g

Designed for new and experienced developers, this book provides all of the basics you would expect to find in an introductory text and at the same time serves those who want to harness the unexploited, overlooked power of SQL and PL/SQL with examples based on most commonly used business database models. It delves deeply into new features found in Oracle Database 11g, along with existing features found in Oracle Database 9i and 10g. CONTENTS OF THE CD-ROM Setup files for Oracle database 10g eXpress Edition. Video Footage of Installing Oracle Database 10g [XE] and 11g.

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Oracle9i New Features

Maximize all of the enhanced capabilities of Oracle9i using the precise information presented in this convenient resource, officially authorized by Oracle Corporation. Inside, you'll find full details on all the new Oracle9i features, including database administration and management improvements, architecture changes, performance enhancements, security advancements, and high-availability innovations.

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Oracle 9iAS Portal Bible

This is your complete reference to Oracle Portal -- the next generation release of Oracle WebDB, which provides a secure and manageable framework for delivering access to distributed software services and information resources.

Oracle9iAS Portal Bible shows you how to use Oracle Portal to build and deploy enterprise portals. Tthis book is for experienced Oracle users, developers, and database administrators looking for a more efficient means for delivering data to employees and customers over a web-based network.

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