Oracle Database Security, Audit and Control Features

As systems have migrated from mainframe to client-server and multi-tiered web application environments, the criticality of protecting the database has grown at a tremendous rate. The confidentiality, integrity and availability requirements of the database tier are at an all time high because employees, customers and business partners demand access to data in an immediate and consistent manner. Further, the reality and awareness of security risks are growing, resulting in higher security expectations. As a result, more focus is directed toward auditing databases to ensure that there are appropriate safeguards in place to protect against reasonably foreseeable threats.

This book provides guidance on Oracle Database including:

  • Understanding the IT environment, and developing a strategy to properly plan the Oracle audit
  • Security and access control related to the Oracle environment
  • A suggested security and control framework
  • A detailed general controls approach, along with specifics on application level security
  • An internal control questionnaire and audit program linked to COBIT
  • A list of frequently asked questions/answers, and recommendations for the professional
  • A list of automated assessment tools available

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