Why I Choose Oracle as My Career?

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There are some question which asked frequently on forums from every oracle newbie.

1. Which Oracle Certification I choose ?

Here I will explain in details.

There types of Oracle Certification we can do.
1. Oracle DBA
2. Oracle Developer
3. Oracle Application DBA

1. Oracle DBA

The person which maintain Oracle Database called Oracle Database Administrator.
There are some frequent work for Oracle DBA
1. Database Backup Responsibity.
2. Database Performance Tunning
3. Database Basic Administration Like " user creation, database security"
Above work is complete dedicated to Oracle DBA and every company which use Oracle Database they always need Oracle DBA.

Certification: Oracle 9i


Certification: Oracle 10g


2. Oracle Developer

The person which create coding and design forms and report for front-end application
There are some frequent work for Oracle Developer
1. Coding
2. Create and Design Forms and Reports
3. SQL Tunning
Above work is complete dedicated to Oracle Developer

Certification: Oracle9i,10g

3. Oracle Application DBA

The Person which work on ERP (enterprise resource planning)
There are some frequent work for Oracle Application DBA
1. Implement Oracle ERP according company requirement.
2. Patching and Clonning
3. Maintain Application Module like "financial,hr etc"

Certification: Oracle10g

2. From where I get Real Time Exprience ?

This is very most important and difficult question :)

because without exprience we can't get job or without job we can't get real time exprience :)

So First understand what is real time exprience ?
Read Time exprience means where so many users working in your Oracle DB and DBA have to maintain that database, if any error comes DBA have to fix as soon as possible.

This exprience we can't get without Job ?
Ans: NO.

Now if we remove REAL TIME word in exprience then can we get only exprience without Job ?
Ans: Yes.

How ? i will show you.

First understand what is exprience ?
Exprience means we have to good concept with some practical knowledge in Oracle DB.

Now Question is how can get good concept knowledge with some practical knowledge ?

1. Buy one PC with minimum 1 GB RAM with 80 harddisk.
2. Install Oracle 10g Database or Oracle 11g
It is free you can download here

Note: Oracle 11g is also released on Windows or Linux Platforms

3. Download below books from Oracle Documentation
1. Oracle Concept

2. Oracle Administrator Guide

3. Oracle Sql Reference Guide

4. Oracle Performance Tunning Guide

NOTE: Now start reading step by step from beginning to end.

5. If you face any problem means any error message or anything which you don't understand then please refer to oracle forums.
1. Oracle OTN forums
2. OraFAQ forums
3. Asktom

4. Some Oracle guru's Blog

Some more ...

5. Some good Sites

After Follow above instruction you will be very good Knowledgable person in Oracle.

3. How can I get Oracle Job ?

What you think after complete Second point (above) you will not get a job ?
Ans: NO, we will get job...hurrrey :)

Hope this article give you good understand about Oracle Certification , Exprience and Job.


I wish I've read this article 2 years back - excellent step by step instructions.

Long live orafaq forum!

That was really a good guideline to freshers

Very nice post taj :)
This would be a great help for new commers in our world.
Specially its good because it is covering realted topic's site address also.


very cool ;i think t will huge helpfull 4 new dba's.But one think that should be added in this effort is that be contact via some direct source witin newbe and senior dba,i mean cell phone number to direct help at the time of need..

Hi,Mr.Mohammad taj
This is koteswara Rao. i finished mba finance now working karvy. But, i am very interesting to settle in oracle financials. And i have learned oracle financials in one of the institute in ameerpet, but i dont have much confident to attend interviews till now.

I read your messges, which is very interesting. pls tell me i can i get real time project, and suggest me to reference books for oraclc financials. Is there any vacancies for the freshers.

So, i want to your help. pls send me u r valuable messages to this below mail id.

Koteswara Rao

con:- 9949647459

I hope, i will get u response soon.

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I wish I've read it 2 years ago.


very good article on this

Good work dude


Hi Taj,

Thanks for the explanation of the concept.
But i want to ask you about it in more detail.

I want to pursue my career as DBA.But unfortunately i know nothing about it.
I am working as web programer and in the mood of shifting the career to something else that is
easy going since programing is eating my head up.
So i prefer to work on installing and configuring database,creating backup,security,maintaining and
managing the data,create basic-medium sql queries,creating users etc.But not
designing,analysing,coding or creating of database and tables etc.
SO in this case which oracle certification should i go for?In this case is it good for me to
take Oracle DBA and study oracle 11g?

Please explain.


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Database Administration is not easy task so don't think it will not eat your head. :)

If you want to do really in database administration then choose oracle DBA certification otherwise you have Oracle Developer choose but in developer site you need to again do programming.

It is up to you.

I always recommend to learn first what is oracle dba and developer activities then go for certification.

Best Regards
Mohammed Taj

Hi Taj,

Thanks for the explanation.

Since I dont want to get involved in database programming.I think i should go for
Oracle DBA(only administration)certification instead,which is 11g right?

And one thing,You wrote:-"I always recommend to learn first what is oracle dba and developer activities then go for certification."

Could you give me the link of the article where i could learn the difference between two in
more details?And what is Oracle Application DBA?

Peoples are advising me to start from A+,N+,MCDST and get simple IT jobs and then proceed to either MCDBA,Oracle or MCSE etc.Is this the correct way to proceed in IT field?


HI Taj,

I am working as a developer in an IT company in bangalore. I have to work on PL/SQL and forms. But I prefer PL/SQL over forms and most of the works are in PL/SQL only ( Writing procedures, funtion and other SQL).
I want to do Certification. Can you plz tell me which certification suits me.


Asalmkm Taj,

I am working as a MIS in small company in hyderabad.I want to start my career in Sql,pl/Sql i knew sql little bit i have some financial problems so i want to switch can you please suggest me correct way to switch i completed B.tech please help me brother.....
thanks & regards

thanks for such a excellent guidance.