Oracle's E-Business Play : Hits and Misses

This IdeaBundle looks at Oracle as a player in the e-business space. With offerings for commerce, supply chain and other key functions, Oracle's ambitious initiatives have met with some successes but also with some challenges. Giga's analysts look at vision, execution, and partnerships in a series of penetrating looks across the portfolio. Don't make that decision until you read these. Read this IdeaBundle for an in-depth look at Oracle's e-business offerings. In these six IdeaBytes you will find out why:Frequent changes of vision damage the credibility of any given idea, as in numerous Oracle high-profile "revolutionary" product announcementsSize and momentum matter in enterprise software vendors - Large vendors like Oracle have more money for research and development, broader market reach, greater third-party vendor and consulting support and usually greater stabilityGiga is hard-pressed to recommend Oracle's commerce server and the related products in its e-marketplace offerings for large companiesThe integration vs. best-of-breed decision can be a war between managers' brand preferences. Better to find out which vendor supports the required business processesThe application database market will quickly evolve to a tiered environment with IBM owning the mainframe environment, Microsoft owning the NT database environment and Oracle and IBM battling it out in the Unix environment; Oracle correctly understands the ASP model, though immature, will be exploited with increasing pace.

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