Advanced Oracle Tuning and Administration

If you're ready to move to the next level of performance management, then you're ready for Advanced Oracle Tuning and Administration. This latest offering from Oracle Press covers the high-end issues and concerns that Database Administrators and application developers must address to successfully manage a database's performance throughout its life cycle. Advanced Oracle Tuning and Administration builds on the basics to provide a migration path for DBAs and tuners. Early chapters address database management issues such as size, performance, and emergencies. You'll then move on to cover the administration and tuning of a growing database, including such essentials as how to intelligently plan for growth, monitoring, and managing for performance. You'll also find a user-oriented guide to the Oracle optimizer. Advanced Oracle Tuning and Administration covers all the up-to-the-minute developments, including new architecture options, such as the parallel options and kernel changes in version 7.3. Plus, if you're planning on taking the Oralce DBA Certification exam, you'll be happy to note that Advanced Oracle Tuning and Administration can help you prepare for qualification with valuable practice questions, as well as a discussion of the test's concepts and strategies. It's all part of Advanced Oracle Tuning and Administration's focused and complete approach to mastering every aspect of your database as it evolves to meet your business's changing needs.

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