SAP R/3 and Oracle: Backup & Recovery

For any company implementing, upgrading or maintaining an SAP R/3 system, evaluating and addressing the requirements for, and problems associated with, backing up and recovering large database installations, is an essential exercise. Time, cost and efficiency pressures demand that once implemented, an R/3 system remains reliable and available at all times and that in the event of a disaster data can be recovered quickly and efficiently.

This comprehensive and accessible book offers vital practical assistance to anyone planning the backup and recovery of a very large database system, and is based on years of hard-won and expensive experience. It describes a combined backup and recovery approach for both Oracle and SAP in one volume. It will help you to understand what new features, functions and tools are available in the latest releases of SAP and Oracle and how they impact on backup and recovery strategy, explaining what is required to devise and carry out a successful disaster recovery plan.

If you are implementing, upgrading or maintaining an SAP system, you need a secure, dependable backup/recovery strategy - this book is essential reading for you, and will become an indispensable reference. Whether you are an experienced professional implementing a new system or making your existing system more robust, or you have a less in-depth knowledge of SAP & Oracle, it is a vital resource, which will save you time, money and sleepless nights.

Features of this book:
* practical hands on approach
* real world case studies of failure scenarios
* advice on how to diagnose problems and implement solutions, with diagnosis and interpretation checklists
* step by step instructions show how to design and carry out a successful disaster recovery plan
* in-depth discussion of Oracle and SAP features, functions and tools
* detailed coverage of latest releases of R/3 and Oracle