Oracle Certified Professional Application Developer Exam Guide (Oracle Press)

Aiming for developer-level OCP status? The Oracle Certified Professional Application Developer Exam Guide is the one book you need.

At the pinnacle of the client/server database world resides Oracle--an extremely powerful, albeit complex, database management system. If you're working with Oracle and haven't reached your own certification pinnacle, this guide will help start you on your journey. Proficiency in Oracle goes a long way in today's high-tech job market, and certification is a key way of assuring your talent.

To master the Oracle Certified Application Developer status, you must pass five tests that focus on Oracle's flavor of SQL, form design, and report creation--crucial elements of Oracle application development. You'll find in this massive Oracle authorized exam book all of the tests that make up the Developer certification track--Introduction to Oracle: SQL and PL/SQL, Develop PL/SQL Program Units, Developer Forms I, Developer Forms II, and Oracle Developer Reports. Each examination is covered as a separate unit, so you can work your way through the text as you progress through the testing process.

To keep you sharp and provide periodic reality checks, there are two-minute drills, self-tests, and practice exam questions. Plus, the CD-ROM includes the Oracle Assessment Test--an interactive 300-question test program that closely resembles the one you'll use to take the official tests. --Stephen Plain

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