Oracle Web Applications

Oracle databases sit behind a large number of Web servers. The latest release, Oracle 8i, is sold as an Internet database and gives developers tools to build Web applications. Oracle Web Applications is a guide for using Oracle 8i for content management, application development, and application integration. You'll learn about its support for the latest Internet technologies, including XML and Oracle's WebDB application development tools. There's also an overview of the InternetLite technologies that allow you to deliver Oracle databases to handhelds like the Palm organizer.

The real meat of the book begins with two chapters that cover building Web applications in WebDB and Oracle's Application Server. The rest of the book goes into plenty of detail and provides lots of code on how to use Oracle's PL/SQL programming language to generate HTML and XML. When you've worked your way through this, you should be ready to start working with Oracle 8i and the Web--and you should be ready to begin linking Oracle databases to the Internet. Code samples and plenty of tips make this an excellent developer's reference. --Simon Bisson,

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