Mastering Oracle PL/SQL: Practical Solutions

PL/SQL is the procedural programming language of choice in the Oracle database. It is completely integrated with SQL and is the most fully optimized, highest performance language for database transaction processing.

This book is about cool, effective techniques to solve essential problems using PL/SQL. It does not attempt to teach the language - there are plenty on the market that do that - instead it focuses in on the fundamental programming unit, the stored procedure, and demonstrates how to code them in the most effective manner and on real practical uses for them in the database.

In short: if you have mastered the fundamentals of the PL/SQL language, and are now looking for an in-depth, practical guide to solving real problems with PL/SQL stored procedures, then this is the book for you. It will demonstrate how to:

- Design efficient, high performance PL/SQL code

- Implement effective data handling mechanisms

- Streamline your database administration

- Work with Triggers

- Secure your data

- Build effective web applications that run from the database

- Exploit the versatile functionality of Java right in the database

- Debug and optimize PL/SQL

This book is targeted primarily at the Oracle DBA or developer charged with the implementation of effective data handling and database administration mechanisms, but will also have great appeal to any developer whose applications rely on an Oracle database and who needs a sound understanding of how to use PL/SQL in order to distribute their application code effectively.

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