Re: Handling GoldenGate upgrade when upgrading Database

From: Bobby Curtis <>
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2020 17:53:54 +0000
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From looking at these MOS notes, they are referencing how to handle GoldenGate processes when upgrading the Oracle database after an in place upgrade. These notes donít address how to upgrade GoldenGate itself. Are you asking if the steps are correct or which one to use? If the later, I would say it depends on what approach you want use after you perform an in place database upgrade.



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I have a database running in and 12.1.2 GoldenGate, I am planning to upgrade the database to 19c therefore I need to upgrade Goldengate to 19c version for 19c database as well.

There are a couple of MOS notes, Goldengate upgrade across Oracle RDBMS upgrade from 11g to 12c. (Doc ID 2092450.1) and How To Handle OGG During Database Upgrade (Doc ID 2657958.1) which states how to do with GoldenGate when the database is being upgraded however the two notes use totally different approaches. Note 2092450.1 is much easier and I have tested and it works. Anyone know if it is supported? Note 2657958.1 is trickier because basically it is recreating the extracts.

Strange thing is that none of the notes talks about what to do with the Replicats.


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