RE: Materalized View Refresh after upgrade - Oracle 11g to 12c

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Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2020 12:32:24 -0700
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I would drop the mview maintaining the table, then establish the mview post upgrade on prebuilt table, then it is only a metadata change.  

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I do wonder, without having done any testing, whether it is fastest to actually drop the MVs, do the upgrade, and recreate the MVs, making that the last step of your version of the upgrade. I suppose it depends. That would certainly not leave any trash around.  

This of course presumes that up to date DDL is available trivially with certainty. Which is of course true for every production database, right?  

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Subject: Re: Materalized View Refresh after upgrade - Oracle 11g to 12c    

I'm wondering if someone has mis-interpreted the requirement to refresh all the existing MVs so that all the mv logs are empty before the upgrade.

A recent posting on the Developer Forum reported the following from the pre-upgrade (12.1 SE to 18c) assessment:

      Oracle recommends that all materialized views (MV's) are refreshed before

      upgrading the database because this will clear the MV logs and the

      sumdelta$ table, and make the UPGRADE process faster. If you choose to

      not refresh some MVs, the change data for those MV's will be carried

      through the UPGRADE process. After UPGRADE, you can refresh the MV's and

      MV incremental refresh should work in normal cases.

It's possible that your system will have different requirements because it's lower versions involved, but it doesn't sound as if there's anything in there to do with "old references not being valid".

The report does, however,, contain the following:  

     If there are any stale

      MVs depending on changes in sys.sumdelta$, do not truncate it, because

      doing so will cause wrong results after refresh.

This, perhaps, is where the "old references not being valid" is supposed to be relevant.  


Jonathan Lewis      

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We are currently migrating from to 12.2.  

There are about 150 materialized view logs on the basetables.  

Several consumers refresh the MVs using these MV logs (on demand fast refresh).  

We are now told that due to migration, the MVs will have to be refreshed in FULL, because all the old references are no longer valid.  

I have not found anything in the documentation to this effect.  

I would like to confirm with the experts in the forum if this is the case.  



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