Re: What Am I missing?

From: Dave <>
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 2020 13:57:47 -0600
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Thanks to all who replied. I'm sure I hit this before at some point, but middle age set in long ago.

We were doing automated deployments to test using sqlplus and I had edited the file for readability.

Sure glad I didn't reject it as untested. Wish I could reject it for being stupid code.

Thanks once again

On 2020-09-07 1:54 p.m., Mladen Gogala wrote:

> On 9/7/20 3:47 PM, Mladen Gogala wrote:

>> Hi Dave,
>> It's  a  PL/SQL parser bug. Boh SQL*Developer and SQL*Plus report an error on thee "/" line, Here is the version that works:
> On 2020-09-07 1:23 p.m., Sayan Malakshinov wrote:

>> Hi Dave,
>> This problem is not in oracle, but in a client tools, usually in sqlplus (I'm not sure about SQLcl) where / means 'execute' command:
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