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Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2020 14:10:47 -0400
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Hi Kellyn!

Microsoft is doing the same thing as S3 snapshots. I apologize for using swear words like "S3", but that is a bit more famous cousin of the EBS. I have a customer who is using Oracle on Azure and from what I hear, the performance of the VM is excellent. They are also using ASR snapshots but are planning to be using maximum availability active data guard as their primary recovery method. The customer is a large bank and there is a degree of paranoia that comes with the territory. I installed Oracle on the Azure cloud and had no problems except with the customer's network admin cutting off X11, so I was forced to edit the response file. Being a lazy bum, I usually don't do that. I would love to test restore with EBS snapshots but given that this will be a production DB, I will probably not have an opportunity to do so.

Arup Nanda, my former colleague from Oxford Health, has come up with the following reformulation of the "most interesting man in the world" commercial: "I don't test often but when I do, I do it in production".  I love the concept.


On 7/17/20 4:06 PM, Kellyn Pot'Vin-Gorman wrote:
> Well hello there! :)
> So I have over 75 companies using Azure Site Recovery with their
> Oracle Database VMs.  What is true at this time is that ASR does not
> take a truly consistent snapshot  of the database when it recovers, so
> we bring the database up in recovery mode, apply the logs and open
> reset logs.
> We are asking the ASR group to add this to their roadmap and with the
> additional priority of Oracle on Azure, I'm hoping to have
> confirmation of it on the roadmap soon.
> Thank you,
> Kellyn Gorman
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> Does anyone use ASR for disaster recovery of their Oracle
> database? Is it a supported solution by Oracle?
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