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Ah, that's a good start. Thx Courtney.




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One of the best places to start is to review the details in OEM itself. See what the metrics tell you about performance. There may be additional repository things that will help.<><>

There’s also emdiag - EMDIAG Troubleshooting Kits Master Index (Doc ID 421053.1) Both omsvfy and repvfy will help you learn about your env and performance. Cleaning up agent communication, alert flooding , etc can also improve overall OEM performance.

This blog is a bit old, but things remain the same. I would start here.<>

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I'm looking for some help in terms of assessing performance of our weblogic configuration as it relates to OEM. This past week we had been working with Oracle on configuring backups to go to our new ZDLRA's and our screen refreshes in OEM were painful. I have no issues with trying to assess the performance of the OMR but the weblogic piece is where I'm lost. I did a bit of searching on this and frequently the response, both from individual blogs and Oracle doc, was something along the lines of "If you need to increase … then use this command". Great, but I have no idea if I need to change xyz parameter so I'm not going to change it unless I can show the given parameter setting is an issue.

I'm looking for something where I can review components related to weblogic / page refreshes for OEM and identify where bottlenecks are and attack those. I believe all targets are discovered within OEM and they have performance pages but again it just displays statistics over time and I have nothing to compare against to say whether displayed items are good or bad.

Configuration details:
OEM 13.3
RHEL 6.10, 64 GB
Single OMS, single tier
Standard 2 domains for OEM, the admin and OMS

We have around 1,500 targets that are actively monitored w/ 125 agents monitoring various envs, 65 jobs scheduled in OEM and around 15 DBA-level concurrent connections at any point.

Thx in advance for any help.




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