Re: SQL with BIND_EQUIV_FAILURE repeatedly creates same range over and over again

From: Stefan Koehler <>
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2020 11:11:16 +0100 (CET)
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Hello Martin,
well, looks good so far - it is as described in my previous mail :-)

I just picked out some random samples from your data but your selectivity ranges are different (and sometimes not overlapping for cursor merging) - in consequence you get new child cursors for new bind combinations with (several) ranges. You need to look at the full set of binds (in your case 1, >2, 3).

I attached some random samples for illustration. For example please have a look at predicate 3 for each child/range_id - it is different (0.000200/0.000245 vs. 0.000200/0.000245 & 0.001661/0.002030 vs. 0.000200/0.000320 & 0.000437/0.005875). Predicate >2 is stable so I would focus on predicate 1 and 3 and check why you get different cursor selectivity cubes (e.g. check with help of the blog posts by Mohamed Houri and its calculations I already sent to you).

Got histograms on these columns? Need them? Does the different selectivity have an impact on execution plan? If not - get rid of histograms for these predicates.  

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> Martin Klier - Performing Databases GmbH <> hat am 27. März 2020 um 09:53 geschrieben:
> Hi Patrick (and all the other listers who kindly responded),
> unfortunately I was out of business for a time for health reasons. Now I try to take up all the loose ends of this conversation again. :)
> After reading a bit more about the ECS features of Oracle, I more and more come to the conclusion that it just does not work properly in this case.
> Maybe I have to add some raw data to clarify my picture. This dropbox folder contains two CSV files with the ECS metadata of the SQL in question:
> Any ideas are welcome. Thank you!
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