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Hi Mladen,
thanks, I know what dynamic sampling is. I had deep level questions on how it works internally. You will find the questions below.
Thanks and Reagrds
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This is not a MOS note but Nigel Baylis's blog: There is also an old Oracle Magazine Article by The Oracle Master (Tom for short) Kyte: This is one of the very few articles by Tom Kyte that have survived his retirement. Regards
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  Hi Guys,      

I colleague of mine told me that he read a MOS Note that was describing the details of the way dynamic sampling is done.  The note was mentioning that only bitmap blocks are sampled and blocks less than 25% full are considered empty.  In that same note also deferred segment creation is mentioned.  As my colleague is very experienced I believe is memory is correct.  However, we cannot find that note any more.  

 Can somebody point us to the doc?    

 Regards and thank    



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