RE: Simple question about nvl or-expansion

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Yes, t.column1 is not null. Sorry I should have known to include that in the OP.

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Is t.column1 constrained to not null?

select * from t
where t.column1 like '%'

will NOT return rows where t.column1 is NULL, so your transformations are not relationally equivalent unless there is a not null constraint on t.column1.


select * from t where t.column1 like t.column1;

Unless I didn't have enough coffee today, but I think that is correct.

So they are not the same query, but I don't know exactly how the CBO evaluates that without running a Wolfgang trace.

I suggest you run the Wolfgang trace yourself on a small test set.

Good luck. Quite possibly JL knows this off the top of his head.


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To the Oracle gurus that dwell here:

I recently came across a query with a predicate containing this line:

     AND t.column1 LIKE nvl(:b1,'%')

The query in question performed very poorly when :b1 was null. Changing it to

     AND t.column1 LIKE nvl(:b1,t.column1)

.. improved it immensely and I could see the plan changed to benefit from nvl or-expansion. Similar variants were all equally effective at fixing the performance, e.g.:

    AND ( t.column1 LIKE :b1 OR :b1 IS NULL )

My question is: what is the reason why Oracle's CBO was not able to use nvl or-expansion in the original version? Is it just "they didn't implement it that way"? Or is there something fundamental that makes it impossible?


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