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Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2019 19:26:02 +0000
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Andrew is correct - you can do this using a "transient" logical standby, subject to the usual logical standby restrictions (certain datatypes aren't allowed, etc)

The method and relevant MOS links is documented by the Oracle Upgrade PM here, so I won't repeat it on the list:


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Not quite. A resetlogs is only done on failover or when opening a snapshot standby.

There are some new upgrade options wrt Dataguard in oracle 12.2 and above that do allow an upgrade of the standby first. However, with., a standby first upgrade can only be done if using a logical standby. You might be able to covert it to a logical standby and upgrade from there...

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On Aug 20, 2019, at 11:50, Tim Gorman <<>> wrote:

Not true. To upgrade, database has to be opened, and to open a standby, you have to RESETLOGS.

Snapshot standby uses Flashback database to restore prior to the RESETLOGS so that managed recovery can resume uninterrupted.

On 8/20/19 9:43 AM, gogala.mladen wrote: Yes it is possible because upgrade doesn't do resetlogs.

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Oracle and 18.3
RHEL 6 I have been told I can, but looking at ORACLE Doc it says NO! Is it possible to do a standby first upgrade from to 18 in a dataguard setup?
My gut feeling BTW is no.

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