RAC - Global Cache Transfer Times

From: Jack van Zanen <jack_at_vanzanen.com>
Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2019 10:08:05 +1000
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Hi All,

Below is from AWR report and I was wondering if the CR Avg Time was on the slow side.

Anyone have any rule of thumb as to what it "should" be?

BTW, this is during the ETL load into our DWH.

Global Cache Transfer Times (us)

  • Avg Time - average time of all blocks (Immed,Busy,Congst) in us
  • Immed, Busy, Congst - Average times in us
  • ordered by CR + Current Blocks Received desc

   CR Avg Time (us)Current Avg Time (us) Inst NoBlock ClassAllImmedBusyCongstAllImmedBusyCongst 2 data block 26907 592 151759 942 392 9890 6391 2 undo header 2612 193 241481 1361 1361 2 others 11129 268 489014 54862 247 81818 2 undo block 201 201

Jack van Zanen

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