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Date: Fri, 10 May 2019 03:13:56 -0400
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On 5/9/19 9:32 PM, Leng Burgess wrote:
> eg. If you backup archive logs every 10 minutes, you’d get a control file auto backup every 10 minutes too! On one environment
Yes. And?
> I saw that the backupset for control file auto backups were much larger than any other backup sets!!

Your database must be very small if the control file auto-backup makes such a difference. Control file size is expressed in MB, usually less than 100 MB. With database sizes regularly reaching tens of TB, 50 MB is not such a big deal. Disks are getting rather big these days:

You can buy 4TB SSD on Amazon:

Rotational drives  with capacity of 6TB or 8TB are dime a dozen. These days typical redo log size for a large database exceeds 1GB, which is about 20 times larger than the typical control file. I really don't see a problem with having a control file auto-backup being a part of every backup I create. This reminds me of the good old times when some storage was only having 1.2 MB or 1.4 MB of space for the entire piece of hardware. That was called "floppy", and  was something that many people working today have never seen used. That was before CD's and DVD's which are very much obsolete today, just as floppy drives are.

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