To LVM or not to LVM?

From: Rich J <>
Date: Tue, 07 May 2019 15:28:03 -0500
Message-ID: <>

Hey all,

Migrating from AIX to OL7 (x86-64) under VMware with an all-flash SAN, and I'm planning out the logical volumes for database filesystems (non-ASM). I'm now questioning whether or not to use LVM, even for filesystems. If I need to add datafiles without LVM, the Storage Manager adds a new virtual disk to the server, and I create a new mountpoint and set security on it. Easy.

In AIX with XIV storage, there was a minimum ~17GB allocation per LUN, so there was space savings in using LVM to group together small control files, redo logs, etc. Not being a vSphere person, I don't know if this is the case there as well.

Any opponents/proponents for/against LVM for Oracle database virtual servers?


p.s. This will be for Oracle EE 12.2 and (hopefully someday) higher databases.

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