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Date: Mon, 6 May 2019 11:38:16 -0400
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Is this “or make sure that the database structure is flat” strange English for a single pluggable database in a container, or does it mean something completely different?  


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That information sounds wrong on the face of it. The normal license allows for a single pluggable db without paying for the pluggable feature.  

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I am having curious case right now. A customer of mine is running Oracle on Oracle Linux and has cloned his single pluggable database to the development environment. Oracle rep told the client that now he has to either purchase the multi-tenant license or make sure that the database structure is flat. I tried transportable tablespaces, but not even with all users created before hand was it able to pick up all the objects. It looks that Oracle has adopted a policy to charge separately for anything that is useful.

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Finally, check your CONTRACT, and do not rely on the words of any salesman. While it is a “nice to have” that your salesman is in harmony with your CONTRACT, neither a saleswoman nor LMS can change your CONTRACT.


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